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Installing Tiled and Wooden Floors in York, North Yorkshire

Instantly bring new life to your floors! We help you enjoy your home again with beautiful flooring.

We can restore your existing wooden floors to make them look brand new again or install brand new tiles to any floors or walls you want tiling.

Contact Stephenson Lee Property Services, in York, North Yorkshire, to learn more about our flooring installation and restoration work for homes in the local York area. 

Tile Mortar

Bespoke Tile Installation

Need old tiles removing? We can replace them with new ones, and regrout the area so it transforms your space, wether its  your bathroom or kitchen and floors or walls. We will source all of the tiles from a local company and install them exactly the way you want them or you can provide your own.

We install tiles in homes and businesses, so whether you want to update your home before putting it up for sale or make your business more inviting to customers, we can do the job for you at the highest standard.

Restoring Dull Flooring

When the wooden flooring in your home starts to fade and begins showing its age, it's time to have it restored. Stephenson Lee Property Services repairs and refinishes old wood, leaving your floors looking like new.

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