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Routine Repairs & Touchups for Properties in York, North Yorkshire

We maintain 100s of properties for prominent estate agents, landlords and businesses in and around York.

By keeping your properties to a high standard, clean, simple and modern - you can get the highest ROI for a property.

We love the City of York and are proud to call it our home so we want to help keep it a great place of investment.

You may need a new property gutting and completely renovating with new flooring, new bathroom, new kitchen plus all the painting & decorating - without the stress of managing it yourself yet knowing the job will be done - on time, within budget and to the highest standard.

At Stephenson Lee Property Services, in York, North Yorkshire, we perform a variety of property maintenance services to keep properties up to date. 

Property Repairs

Our services include the following type of repairs to keep your property in tip-top condition:

Locate Leaks & Repair Them | Repair Loose Tiles | Fix Loose Kitchen Cabinets | Touch Up Holes & Repaint Walls


Keeping Schools Up to Date

Schools often require constant upkeep. Whether it's applying a fresh coat of paint to the walls or redecorating the entire building, we do whatever it takes to keep schools modern and ready to educate young minds.

We have worked with several schools in the York area and would be happy to work with many more. All of our work is guaranteed wether its repainting the building's exterior or redecorating the interior every few years.

Maintaining Rental Properties

Stephenson Lee Property Services also manages many rental properties across York working with Letting agents like Linley & Simpson, CityLets, Martin & Co and Appealing Properties. We can work either around tenants or in vacant properties completing jobs such as refitting lights, re-grouting tiles, painting the walls, and cleaning out the rooms to make room for new tenants.

We also have good contacts within the construction industry and can help you get any building, gas plumbing or electrical work done.  

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